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Google Nexus 9 Is Response To iPad Air

Google Nexus 9 TabletWhile not available for ordering till the 17th, Google decided to announce its new Nexus 9 tablet prior to Apple’s big event tomorrow. At first glace, the device looks to be very similar to what Apple launched last year with its iPad Air but of course their are some differences between the two that give the Nexus the edge but that could change dramatically once Apple announces their new version of the iPad. So what exactly does hits new 9-inch tablet offer? Continue reading

NVIDIA Shield Tablet – Third Time a Charm?

NVIDIA Shield Tablet plus Wireless ControllerAnyone remember NVIDIA’s SHIELD device? It was basically a game controller with a small tablet grafted onto it. How about the Tegra 7 Note? That was a 7-inch tablet that was designed for gaming. Both were attempts by NVIDIA to jump start their efforts into the mobile arena by trying to entice dedicated PC gamers to also use a mobile device. Neither was very successful in the market. Part of this may have been due to the pricing of the devices and also because they have limitations when compared to other tablets on the market.

Well, NVIDIA is at it again this time taking what they learned from the first two and hoping that their third try will be a success with the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. But is it really doing anything different from the other two? Continue reading

Your Data Can Be Recovered Off Used Android Devices

Samsung Galaxy S3Lots of people either donate or sell their used smartphones or tablets as an alternative to just throwing them out. It is always important to wipe the data from the device before you do get rid of it. The problem is that you may think that you erased your data but it is still there and with the right tools can be recovered. Yesterday, security software maker AVAST put out a detailing how they purchased 20 used Android phones and used some data recovery software to obtain photos, web searches, emails, texts and contact information from the phones. The thing is that the people selling the phones probably thought they removed the data by performing a factory reset or using the delete all functions in their phone.

Now the purpose of the press release was to try and get people to purchase into their avast! Anti-Theft app but there is another solution to this problem. The issue actually has to do with how the data is stored and wiped from the memory of the phone. You see, with current Apple iPhones and iOS, all the data is hardware encrypted on the device with a decoder key stored on the phone. When you use the Erase All Content and Settings on the iPhone, the decryption key is erased effectively making the data unreadable. With Android, the data is not encoded by default and the wipe data does not physically remove the files just some of the index entries for them.

Now the Factory Reset feature on Android phones may erase the data enough but since each manufacturer can implement a different method, one cannot be certain that it does. To ensure that the data is as unreadable as it can be, it is best to first use the security settings in the phone to setup Encryption. This will require an additional password and time to then encrypt all the data. Once that is done, using the Factory Reset should leave the data in a reasonable unreadable state. Most often Encryption will be enabled under the Security portion of the device settings but it can vary with the version of Android and the device. If you cannot find the settings, check with the manufacturer of the phone on how to enable it.

Google Announces They Want To Do Everything

Google I/O LogoToday kicks off the Google I/O conference where they announce to developers upcoming software and products. This year’s conference was a major event because they announced a huge number of items. Based upon what they announced, Google wants to basically get into every aspect of your digital life. In essence, they are trying to tie just about anything into their Android operating system which is used by the majority of smartphones on the market.

New Version Of Android Coming

The main purpose of the Google I/O conference is to highlight the next version of Android, dubbed Android L at this point. This looks to be a major redesign of the interface that also introduces a whole ton of new features that tie into other announcements at the conference. In terms of appearance, it is going to have a more flat design to try and bring together smartphones and tablets into a more unified experience. Graphics support and performance are both being improved which is pretty much expected in just about any update. In addition to these, Google is introducing better ways for developers to try and improve battery life and also introducing a new battery saver mode to help extend running times.

There are no official products announced at this time that will be using the new Android L operating system but the first products should reach market sometime this fall. It should also be noted that this OS is going to be used for a wider variety of applications than just smartphones and tablets. Continue reading

HP and Toshiba Race To the Bottom With $100 Android Tablets

Toshiba (left) and HP (right) Low Cost Android Tablets

Toshiba (left) and HP (right) Low Cost Android Tablets

Computer sales have been less than stellar for the past two years. Mobile computing in the form of smart phones and tablets on the other hand has been improving. The problem is that just a few companies make up the majority of these mobile sales. Both HP and Toshiba have not had the best luck with their tablets but that isn’t stopping them from trying a new angle, low pricing. Each recently announced or launched tablets around $100. They are probably hoping that these low prices will help drive sales, and they are probably right, but the margins on such low cost devices generally don’t translate much into profits. Besides, consumers can probably find much better for just a bit more money. So let’s take a closer look at what you can get for so little. Continue reading

No Windows and Android In A Single Device

ASUS Duet Hybrid Laptop

ASUS Duet Hybrid Laptop

I’m not sure how many people really want to have both Android and Windows running on the same device, but it looks like the dreams of buying a device with both are going to remain dreams. that ASUS has had to discontinue plans to release their Transformer Duet hybrid laptop with both operating systems that could instantly switch between the two. Apparently neither Google nor Microsoft seems to be very interested in seeing such a product come to market. Now this issue has come up before with the proposed ASUS Trio device that was never released. This time, it is affecting more products as two planned all-in-one systems from ASUS that could run both operating systems were also dropped. Continue reading

Do We Need Android on the Desktop?

HP Slate 21 Pro

HP Slate 21 Pro

In conjunction with CES 2014, several companies have announced new products design to be used as or with desktop computer systems that feature Android. Android has been extremely popular in the mobile space thanks to its use in affordable smartphones and tablets. The thing is that it was designed for a mobile environment with small screens. With the success of the Chromebook, these companies are probably hoping that the ability to run the same apps on a larger screen at one’s home or office might appeal to some, but will it succeed? Let’s take a look at some of the products. Continue reading

Non-Next Gen Gaming: Android Gaming Consoles

OUYA Game Menu

Game Menu from the OUYA Console

There is much discussion about the next generation gaming consoles that will be released in the US prior to the holidays. While there is some impressive features and graphics with both of these systems, the costs are really starting to be a bit of a concern. Starting prices are expected to be between $400 and $500 for the standard edition consoles. Then there is the availability issue for anyone that didn’t happen to be lucky to get a preorder in already.

As more and more people move to smartphones and tablets, there has been an explosion in gaming on these devices. This has put both Sony and Nintendo in some trouble for their dedicated mobile gaming devices. Android is the primary operating system and now a number of companies have put together mini-consoles that are based around the operating system to provide inexpensive and accessible gaming. This article takes a look at a few of the devices available now or coming soon. Continue reading