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How to Fix Home Wi-Fi Problems eBook Now Available

How to Fix Home Wi-Fi Problems eBook CoverHave you ever had issue trying to get one of your many wireless devices to connect to your internet connection through the Wi-Fi router? Pretty much every person has a problem getting connected at some point or another. Even the best networks will fail from time to time but some people have more problems then others. My latest eBook is now available and offers advice on how to go about fixing many of the most common Wi-Fi connection issues that you might have in your home. End those headaches about how part of your house you just can’t seem to use your devices in or why that one device won’t connect but all your others will. is available from Amazon right now for just $0.99! If you are an Amazon Prime member or subscriber to Kindle Unlimited, you can also borrow the book for free.

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Using Public DNS to Improve Network Connectivity

Most people probably do not know how critical the DNS or domain name services are to the internet. The service essentially translates all web site addresses into the IP address so your computer can connect with it. If your computer or device is unable to translate the machine’s name into the IP address, it will be unable to access the site. The speed and reliability of your network connection is heavily reliant upon these services. Typically, you use the DNS server of your internet service such as through a cable company like Comcast or telecom like Verizon. While they generally work, you might actually be able to improve your network connection by setting up your network or PC to use a public DNS server. Continue reading

Do You Need Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

Synology DS214SE NASPeople are probably familiar with external hard drives that connect into their computers through the USB port. Network Attached Storage is essentially a similar prospect of an external storage device but rather than connecting into a computer through a USB peripheral port, it uses either a wired or wireless network connection to allow any compatible device within that local area network to access the files. This can be extremely useful as a central data storage used to share or backup files and media. But is it something that you really need? Continue reading

Why Faster Broadband Speeds Do and Don’t Matter

Internet Speed Test ResultsThe other day I was driving in my car and listening to the radio when an advertisement from Comcast came on. It was talking about how their super fast XFinity Internet bundles with extra speed provides an advantage for gamers. I found this advertisement interesting because it was emphasizing the speed of their connection. In essence, the faster (and more expensive) internet bundle would be better for PC gaming then their standard version. Sadly, this is not necessarily the case. There is more to an internet connection than just speed. So let’s learn a bit about how and why speed do and don’t matter on your internet connections. Continue reading

Why Net Security Requires Securing Your Router As Well As Your PC

Most people tend to be a little security conscious when it comes to browsing the internet. The most obvious way to try and prevent security problems is to use anti-virus and security software on your PC. While this may protect your machine from being infected and becoming a malware host, it still does not address all of the potential security problems. Security researchers in Europe discovered that . This was done by exploiting known vulnerabilities in many popular wireless network routers to setup what is known as a man-in-the middle attack. Users can prevent such attacks on their own home network by securing their routers in addition to their PCs. Continue reading

Should Comcast Force Subscribers to Share Their Internet?

xfinity-LogoComcast now has one of the largest public Wi-Fi networks in the country. This was in part because of a plan they initiate over a year ago to turn . In essence, people who subscribe to Comcast’s Xfinity services will have their internet connection automatically configured to share that with other people. There are many issues with this plan but the best part is, if you are a Comcast subscriber your connection will automatically be converted because it is an opt-out program. Let’s look at how the are doing this and why the Comcast Public Hotspot plan is not that beneficial to consumers. Continue reading

How to Use Google Public DNS Video Tutorial

I have previously posted about using public DNS servers as a way to improve your home network stability. It is a fairly easy process but the settings can be pretty buried in the Windows operating system. It is also a pain to try and set them up for each machine and device on your network. This video covers how to change the settings on a PC to test if it will work with your network connection as also how to adjust a router so that it can be applied out to all your connected devices.

This is also one of many subjects that I cover in my recently publish How to Fix Home Wi-Fi Problems ebook that is available through Amazon.