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Computers and technology are a big passion of mine. While there are plenty of sites geared towards the very tech savvy, few people write for those not interested in the minute details but in more general terms. This is why I began writing for back in 2002 on the PC Hardware / Reviews site and why I'm now setting up my own site.

Is Your Technology Spying on You?

privacy-policy-550785_1280Last year, a news story broke regarding Samsung’s Smart TVs with voice control capabilities and that the data captured by the TVs could be shared with third parties. This was discovered through a careful reading of the user agreements regarding use of the Smart TV functions. Samsung is not the first company to encounter problems with regards to data captured by technology and it certainly won’t be the last either. So, what exactly is the issue that has privacy advocates citing George Orwell’s 1984 and its themes of surveillance? Continue reading

How to Use Google Public DNS Video Tutorial

I have previously posted about using public DNS servers as a way to improve your home network stability. It is a fairly easy process but the settings can be pretty buried in the Windows operating system. It is also a pain to try and set them up for each machine and device on your network. This video covers how to change the settings on a PC to test if it will work with your network connection as also how to adjust a router so that it can be applied out to all your connected devices.

This is also one of many subjects that I cover in my recently publish How to Fix Home Wi-Fi Problems ebook that is available through Amazon.