About Tech For Anyone

Welcome to Tech For Anyone! This site was developed in 2013 by Mark Kyrnin as a means to write about all forms of technology and have those articles be accessible to anyone reading them. It covers a broad range of subjects from computers, tablets, smartphones, home electronics, cameras or just about anything else that is new. The site also is a companion to the series of that are available from Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Mark has lots of experience with technology and computers including working in support and engineering for computers and networking as well as being an experienced writer for . Some of the old tech that introduced him to various items including an Apple IIe from his childhood, his first home built IBM PC based on a 286 processor, a Treo smartphone from Palm, a Sony Mavica digital camera (that used 3.5″ floppies with 640×480 images!) and a first generation iPad.


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