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Google Announces They Want To Do Everything

Google I/O LogoToday kicks off the Google I/O conference where they announce to developers upcoming software and products. This year’s conference was a major event because they announced a huge number of items. Based upon what they announced, Google wants to basically get into every aspect of your digital life. In essence, they are trying to tie just about anything into their Android operating system which is used by the majority of smartphones on the market.

New Version Of Android Coming

The main purpose of the Google I/O conference is to highlight the next version of Android, dubbed Android L at this point. This looks to be a major redesign of the interface that also introduces a whole ton of new features that tie into other announcements at the conference. In terms of appearance, it is going to have a more flat design to try and bring together smartphones and tablets into a more unified experience. Graphics support and performance are both being improved which is pretty much expected in just about any update. In addition to these, Google is introducing better ways for developers to try and improve battery life and also introducing a new battery saver mode to help extend running times.

There are no official products announced at this time that will be using the new Android L operating system but the first products should reach market sometime this fall. It should also be noted that this OS is going to be used for a wider variety of applications than just smartphones and tablets. Continue reading

Is The Chromebox The Best Media Streaming Device?

Chromebox Streaming Netflix

Chromebox Streaming Netflix

With the success of the Chromebooks in the market, it was no surprise that the Chrome OS would take on traditional desktops. The first of these new Chromebox devices should reach the market by the end of the week with a starting price of just $179. This is far more affordable than a traditional desktop but it of course has less features and capabilities just like Chromebooks don’t have the same level as laptops. The difference here is that the device is small, affordable and flexible enough that it is going to pose a major challenge to the current media streaming devices such as the Roku 3 and Apple TV which cost $99. Just what makes the Chromebox better than the others? Continue reading