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Microsoft Follows Apple With Windows 10 Strategy

Windows 10 Live EventMicrosoft has been announcing and releasing lots of information regarding Windows 10 in hopes of drumming up expectations for consumers and businesses that will translate into sales. A number of have been stirring up the tech forums lately because of some big implications. The thing is, many of these recent choices by Microsoft really aren’t that new as Apple has been doing them for several years now. What exactly are they doing that is mimicking Apple’s software strategy? Continue reading

Microsoft Previews New Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 Live EventMany people are hotly anticipating Windows 10 as Microsoft’s attempt to recover from its disastrous Windows 8 launch. They have already previewed some of the features and even have previous versions of the operating system available. At the recent Windows Live even, Microsoft put on display more prominently some of the new Windows 10 features that it hopes will make people want to ditch Windows 8 and even Windows 7 for the new operating system. Of course some of the software announcements were almost overshadowed by a couple of hardware items they teased as well. Find out what some of the new features and related hardware Microsoft plans to unleash later this year. Continue reading

Microsoft Previews Windows 10

Windows 10 Tech PreviewConsumers and corporations just didn’t really take to Microsoft’s vision with Windows 8. After trying to patch it multiple times to make it more attractive to users, the company is now looking ahead to the next version of Windows to get people to buy new computers again. At an event, they unveiled the new Windows 10 operating system and detailed some of the features we will see in it. For those adventurous enough, they can even sign up for the and get a copy of it now to try and and provide feedback to the company. But what has changed in the next version of Windows that we will see sometime in 2015? Continue reading