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Lenovo IdeaCentre Stick 300 Offers Lower Cost Option to Intel Device

Lenovo IdeaCentre Stick 300Does that device in the image above look familiar? Way back at the beginning of the year, Intel announced its Compute Stick at CES. The tiny stick like device contained a full Windows capable computer system that could be plugged into any HDMI based TV or monitor. Well, Lenovo has decided to join the crowd by introducing their IdeaCentre Stick 300 device that offers a nearly identical product. It features the same Intel Atom processor, 2GB of memory and 32GB of storage. The big difference is that Lenovo is planning on selling it for just $129 compared to the $149 for the Intel Compute Stick. Let’s hope that Lenovo is able to work around some of the hardware issues that Intel had especially regarding the wireless functions. You can check out my at About.com for an idea of what the Lenovo will likely be.

Lenovo Smart Cast Concept Phone Adds Projected Keyboard

Lenovo Smart Cast Concept Projection Smart PhoneLet’s face it, that last few generations of phones have not really been that innovative. We have gotten larger and more detailed screens and cameras but nothing truly revolutionary in terms of features. Lenovo is looking to change that with the introduction of the Smart Cast conecpt phone. The phone differentiates itself by including a built in pico-laser projector system. Now, this is not the first phone to have a projector built-in but it adds a gesture control system to essentially turn the projected image into a gesture control keyboard and screen. But is this a feature that people really want or will use? Continue reading

Lenovo Addresses Issues and More In New Yoga 2 Tablets

Lenovo Yoga 2 TabletWhen Lenovo released their Yoga tablet last year, it was a very different design that featured a rounded handle area for easier holding than a traditional flat design. of it, I noted that while the tablet certainly did provide one of the longest tablet experiences available, there were a number of shortcomings including a lower resolution display and some sluggish performance from the processor they used. Yesterday, Lenovo announced their new Yoga tablet lineup and they addressed many of the issues that I had with it and then went even further to try and improve the product. Continue reading

Lenovo Makes Their Yoga 3 Pro Even Thinner and Lighter

Lenovo Yoga 3 ProThinner and lighter is the general trend for any new technology these days. Yesterday, Lenovo announced their third generation of Yoga laptop with some fairly significant changes. It is of course thinner and lighter than the first one but to achieve it, they did some pretty amazing engineering. After all, the Yoga 2 Pro already offered a QHD+ (3200×1800) display and a very light weight of just over three pounds. So what does this Yoga 3 Pro have to offer? Continue reading