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Curved TVs – All Hype, Little Benefit

Samsung HU8700 Curved UltraHD TVHave you ever been to the theater to watch a movie and noticed that the huge screen is curved slightly rather than a just a flat surface? This is done in order to generate a more immersive experience for the viewer. It also can help those that are sitting on an edge to feel like they are more in the middle. Well, curved screens is all the rage with consumer electronics companies for their high end TVs. But is adding a curved surface to a screen really worth it over a traditional flat screen? Continue reading

Why You Don’t Need A Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVWhile manufacturers would really like that people start upgrading to the new Ultra HD televisions, the extremely expensive cost means that most consumers will be avoiding them for some time to come. 3D was pretty much a bust with consumers so the companies have instead hopped onto the Smart TV bandwagon. In essence, a Smart TV is any television that is connected to the internet such that it can use streaming services and potentially run applications for browsing the web, viewing photos, reading news, etc. The problem is that many people already get these features through other consumer electronics like a Blu-ray player, streaming box, video game console or even connecting a tablet through a device like Chromecast. In fact, consumers are generally better off without these features built into their TV and instead using an external device instead. After all, it could save consumers a hundred dollars or more on their next TV purchase. Continue reading

Ultra HD Blu-ray – Too Little, Too Late

Ultra HD Blu-ray Loigo4K or Ultra HD televisions have been on the market for some time now. Manufacturers have hoped that they could drive sales where the 3D HDTV’s faltered. The big problem in terms of getting consumers to buy them has been the content. Right now there is no real support for reliable 4K video for consumers to put on a new Ultra HD TV. The Blu-Ray Disc Association hopes to change that with new players that should be released later this year. But can the physical format really survive in this era of streaming video? Continue reading