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Will You Buy A Curved PC Display?

Samsung SD590C Curved Display Top ViewThe big news in TVs this year is likely going to be 4K resolutions but the manufacturers of the display had in mind something else, curved displays. The reason that this is not catching on much with consumers is that the curved feature is reserved for the higher end TVs. The costs of curving a screen is much more affordable though if you are looking at a small screen such as a PC display. At the 2015 CES show, a number of companies are now jumping into the curved PC monitor market. Is this enough of a feature though to make consumers pick it over traditional flat displays?? Continue reading

Curved TVs – All Hype, Little Benefit

Samsung HU8700 Curved UltraHD TVHave you ever been to the theater to watch a movie and noticed that the huge screen is curved slightly rather than a just a flat surface? This is done in order to generate a more immersive experience for the viewer. It also can help those that are sitting on an edge to feel like they are more in the middle. Well, curved screens is all the rage with consumer electronics companies for their high end TVs. But is adding a curved surface to a screen really worth it over a traditional flat screen? Continue reading