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Will the Razer Forge TV Bring Android and PC Gaming to Your HDTV?

Razer Forge TV Android Set Top BoxRazer is a company that made a name for itself with gaming products. They started originally with peripherals and then eventually with their own PCs. For the past year, the company has been looking to go beyond gaming with things like their Nabu fitness tracker. This year they offered a couple of new items at the CES show but probably the most intriguing is a new take on something we have already seen in the market. The Forge TV is essentially another $100 Android based box design to plug into a home entertainment center. Sticking with their gaming emphasis, Razer is looking to differentiate their product in several key ways. Continue reading

Two Windows Mini PCs Under $200

HP Stream Mini Desktop and Intel Compute StickCES has many notable computer related announcements, but probably the most exciting are two compact computer options that run the Windows operating system and do it for under $200. Mind you, these Windows mini PCs are not in the same class as your desktop or laptop computer but they are still very interesting with a wide range of potential applications. Businesses may like them for their low cost and ease of deployment and consumers may like the added flexibility that they provide in certainly applications in addition to their price. So let’s find out a bit more about these new computing options being released this year. Continue reading

Acer Chromebook 15: Is Bigger Better?

Acer Chromebook 15Prior to this official opening of CES, Acer announced plans to release a new , the first Chromebook to feature a 15.6-inch laptop display. This is fairly significant news for several reasons. First, it is showing that the sales of Chromebooks have been quite good and that companies like Acer are trying to diversify their products. Second, companies are willing to take risks again which has been a bit of a problem that last few years with various sales of technology slipping. But is making a larger 15-inch Chromebook the right answer? Continue reading

Is CES Relevant Anymore?

ces-2014This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was a pretty big let down in terms of really revolutionary technology. The majority of the items showed off seemed to be just a slight improvement on technology rather than something completely new. I believe the reason for this has to do with more companies following Apple’s example of showcasing their products at their own press conferences rather than being in a sea of products. Some people may be familiar with the tale of COMDEX. This was a trade show specifically for the computer market that happened each November in Las Vegas between 1979 and 2003. Now much of its failure could be attributed to the management of the show but the lack of innovative products certainly didn’t help and could have been an indicator of the struggles the industry has faced the last few years.

Just look at the winner of . Essentially it is a new prototype of the Occulus Rift which was originally shown at E3 in 2012 and later successfully kickstarted that same year. To date, no official consumer product has been released and only a developer edition has been released. Let’s take a look at some of the other product categories this year. Continue reading

The Problem With Most of the Steam Machines Announced as CES

Falcon Northwest Tiki Steam Machine

Falcon Northwest Tiki Steam Machine

Overall, CES has been fairly predictable in terms of the products announced at it this year. There have been a few surprises but even things like the announcement of Valve’s partners and some upcoming Steam Machines was pretty much expected. What is surprising about the announcement though is the inclusion of some of the details of the systems and the apparent strategies that Valve’s partners have in terms of selling their Steam Machines. Unfortunately, I ultimately think that many of these companies are not likely to succeed in terms of sales numbers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options available and why they may or may not succeed. Continue reading