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Do You Need Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

Synology DS214SE NASPeople are probably familiar with external hard drives that connect into their computers through the USB port. Network Attached Storage is essentially a similar prospect of an external storage device but rather than connecting into a computer through a USB peripheral port, it uses either a wired or wireless network connection to allow any compatible device within that local area network to access the files. This can be extremely useful as a central data storage used to share or backup files and media. But is it something that you really need? Continue reading

Western Digital Black2 – Combining SSD and Hard Drive Into a Single 2.5-inch Drive

Western Digital Black2

Western Digital Black2

Hybrid hard drives have been on the market for a while. The are basically a standard hard drive that feature a small amount of SSD built onto the drive for caching purposes. They offer a slight boost in performance but their cache size limits their ability to offer as high of performance as a full SSD. Western Digital is looking to solve this with their new Black2 dual drive. Rather than just an SSD as a cache, it incorporates a full 120GB SSD drive with a 1TB hard drive in a single 2.5-inch drive that is only 9mm high. This sounds like the perfect solution for those that want to upgrade a laptop that only has space for a single drive to SSD performance without sacrificing storage space. There are a few catches though. Continue reading