How to Fix Home Wi-Fi Problems eBook Now Available

How to Fix Home Wi-Fi Problems eBook CoverHave you ever had issue trying to get one of your many wireless devices to connect to your internet connection through the Wi-Fi router? Pretty much every person has a problem getting connected at some point or another. Even the best networks will fail from time to time but some people have more problems then others. My latest eBook is now available and offers advice on how to go about fixing many of the most common Wi-Fi connection issues that you might have in your home. End those headaches about how part of your house you just can’t seem to use your devices in or why that one device won’t connect but all your others will. is available from Amazon right now for just $0.99! If you are an Amazon Prime member or subscriber to Kindle Unlimited, you can also borrow the book for free.

Be sure to check out my other ebooks available from amazon as well. is now just $2.99 and is also $0.99.

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