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Are Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for $30 Really Any Good?

Kinivo BT240 Bluetooth HeadphonesIf you have been reading the Tech For Anyone site over the past couple of years, you probably have noticed me mention some inexpensive Bluetooth headphones. The days of being attached to your device in order to listen to your music or videos are pretty much over. The ease and simplicity that Bluetooth headphones provide is just too much to pass up. Sure, they may lack a bit of fidelity of wired headphones but the quality has greatly improved. Many people are probably worried about the cost of wireless Bluetooth headphones but let me tell you that you don’t have to spend $100 or more for a decent pair of wireless headphones. Just take a look at the Kinivo BT240 that you can find for under $30. So just how good (or bad) or they? Continue reading

Google’s Chromecast Audio Interesting But Not Really Unique

Chromecast AudioAt Google’s latest press event, they announced a number of new products including the new Chromecast Audio device that takes the concept originated with the Chromecast and making it an audio only device to allow people to transfer audio from their mobile device to a set of speakers for improved audio. The idea seems like a good one as it certainly is far more affordable than many other streaming alternatives such as receivers or speakers with built in wireless applications. The thing is, it is not really a new concept. Sure, it is affordable but did you know that there are similar devices that cost roughly that same and can be used on just about any mobile device? Continue reading