Back to School Laptops 2015

Back To School LaptopsIt is that time again as Summer break for many students is ending and the Back to School sales start up. In the next few months, schools will start back up and students need to be prepared. A critical part of education these days is computers. They are used to communicate with teachers and classmates, research and write papers and do presentations. For those heading off to college, they can also be used for entertainment with streaming media or playing games. A laptop is the best choice for most students as it allows the mobility to take the computer with you to class, the library or anywhere else you might need it. If you are heading back to school and need a new computer, check out some of the laptops I think are excellent choices.

Apple MacBook Air 13

It may be a bit old in the design and not the thinnest or lightest but Apple’s venerable MacBook Air line is still one of the best available. The 13-inch is my preferred model because it offers a larger and easier to read screen but also some incredible battery life which is important for someone that is going to be using it on campus all day and may not have the ability to charge it up till they are back in the dorm. Prices are also quite good with the 128GB version coming in at under $1000. The best part is that Apple’s support is outstanding especially if you purchase the AppleCare package and many large campuses have Apple stores nearby if you need something taken care of quickly.

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Want to spend a bit less for a computer for school but still want some excellent features? The ASUS K501LX is a very affordable system at roughly $800 but packs in a 15-inch 1080p display and a solid state drive for faster storage performance. It is a larger system but still lightweight at under four and a half pounds. This is one of the best overall values when it comes to a 15-inch laptop and works well for most people at school. Those looking to be in digital arts and engineering might want something with a faster processor though and a better screen.

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Lenovo Y50-70

Speaking of needing more performance for specific fields, the Lenovo Y50-70 is an excellent choice for anyone that needs such a system. It uses an Intel Core i7 quad core processor and features a solid state hybrid drive to give it some extra performance without sacrificing storage space. It comes with a great 15-inch IPS display panel for those that might want to do graphics work and want some nice vibrant colors. Now some models feature a touchscreen but I actually don’t recommend it as the screen tends to produce more glare and reduce the battery life. Just be warned that the higher performance does mean that it does not have the longevity and will likely need charging while on campus.

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Acer Aspire V3-371

For those on a tight budget there are plenty of options under $500 but I generally recommend against them unless absolutely necessary as they tend to lack some critical features. The Acer Aspire V3-371 is a very affordable machine t under $600 and compact thanks to its 13-inch display. The resolution may not be high but it is one feature that is extremely difficult to find at such low prices. This features a Core i5-5200 dual core processor to give it solid performance but it also comes with a 240GB solid state drive that makes it feel even faster. Battery life is also very good which is always something that is critical for those that are going to be on campus for many hours.

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