Tame Your Tech Tools or Cables With Grid-It

Grid-It OrganizerHave you ever needed to find a tool to work on your PC or get a cable for that one device but had a hard time finding it among all the tech clutter? Let’s face it, I have a drawer full of various cables and tools. Most of them I don’t use very often but inevitably the one I need seems to be buried beneath a ton of ones that I don’t. There are plenty of ways that you can organize such things. I’ve taken to bagging some of my lesser used cables to get them out of the way or sorting them by type. Another solution is to try and keep frequently used items in an easy to access space. This is a solution that the Grid-It organizer is designed to tackle.

What is the Grid-It?

The concept is actually very simple. Take a hard plastic backed board and then weave a number of elastic bands at different intervals to form a grid. Then use the exposed portions of the bands to fit items into the grid to keep them organized. There is also a loop on one side of the Grid-It so you to hang the organizer from the wall where it is readily available.

How Well Does it Work?

I’ve had a Grid-It organizer for over a year and use it primarily to keep my PC tools handy. These are heavier than your typical cables and such that they show being organized. Overall, it works well at keeping things together and handy. There are only two small problems that I have with it and they are very minor but something people should be aware of.

Grid-It Stretched BandFirst, if you have large items in the bands that require a lot of stretching, the elastic in the bands can become stretched out. This means that if you then need to use that band later for something that is smaller, it might be stretched out enough that it doesn’t hold the item as tightly. Second, they try to give a good variety of widths and all for using the bands to hold things but sometimes you might end up with having the only available slot that can fit an item being at the edge and only holding the end of a heavy item. This can make it easy for the items to potentially slip out.

Having got that out of the way, the Grid-It is extremely useful for keeping my frequently used items readily available. The only problem is that my son from time to time likes to take the items out and not put them back but that is a different organization problem. Even with the bands stretching out a bit, it still holds all my items just fine even after a year of use.

What’s Available?

Cocoon makes a wide variety of options for the Grid-It system. The basic Grid-It boards are available in sizes as small as 5″ x 7″ up to an extra large 11″ x 15″ version. In addition to the standard versions, they also offer the Wrap versions which feature a neoprene sleeve for holding a tablet or laptop depending upon the size of the Grid-It and device. Most of them are just standard black but some versions are also available in grey, blue and red. Prices start at $10 for the smallest one up to $50 for the large Wrap versions.


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