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Back to School Laptops 2015

Back To School LaptopsIt is that time again as Summer break for many students is ending and the Back to School sales start up. In the next few months, schools will start back up and students need to be prepared. A critical part of education these days is computers. They are used to communicate with teachers and classmates, research and write papers and do presentations. For those heading off to college, they can also be used for entertainment with streaming media or playing games. A laptop is the best choice for most students as it allows the mobility to take the computer with you to class, the library or anywhere else you might need it. If you are heading back to school and need a new computer, check out some of the laptops I think are excellent choices. Continue reading

Will People Buy a $200 Windows Laptop?

Image from the HP Stream Service ManualRemember back to 2007-2008 when the computer companies started to introduce netbooks? They were extremely inexpensive laptops for people that just wanted basic computing capability on the go. Sales of them helped boost the industry for a few years but consumer interest waned in them as prices climbed from around $200 towards $400 while traditional laptop prices fell closer to $500. Sales essentially became non-existent once tablets were released. Over the past couple of years, consumer interest in affordable computing devices has peaked again thanks to low cost Chromebooks. Chromebooks along with tablets have eaten into Microsoft’s sales of Windows and they are hoping with new licensing that a new round of low cost laptops will entice consumers to once again try a low cost computer. But is it enough to entice people to actually buy it? Continue reading

Chromebooks – A Good Low Cost Computing Option or Something to Avoid?

Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel

Do you remember netbooks? They were hugely popular after they were first introduced but then faded away several years ago. They promised to bring a low cost and often highly portable computing experience to the average consumer. They achieved this by using low cost, low power parts and offering a reduced set of features. It was enough to do many simple tasks like browse the web, do email and maybe some productivity applications.

Chrome OS has been in development by Google for many years and has been seen in a number of products the past couple years. There is a new push by several computer makers to release so called Chromebooks as low cost computing options. In many ways, these products very much resemble precisely what netbooks were before. Are they going to suffer the same fate? Continue reading