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How to Manage or Remove the Windows 10 Start Menu Tiles

If you have used Windows 10 at all, you probably noticed that Microsoft added back a start menu system but it looks a bit different than Windows 7. This is because the company integrated the Live Tiles introduced in Windows 8.1 into the start menu area. In fact, it kind of replaces the old programs list. This makes it a bit more challenging as it can take up a large portion of the screen and make it more difficult to find applications you want to use.

Don’t worry, the start menu is fully customizable with Windows 10 including the Live Tile area. My video will tell you how to manage the start menu and the Live Tile functions. This includes adding and removing tiles, organizing them into groups and turning off the Live features. In addition, it is also possible to completely remove the Live Tile area so that it functions more like the traditional start menu from Windows 7.

Should You Wait to Upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 Virtual DesktopsLet’s face it, consumers did not like Windows 8 with many of them sticking with older Windows 7 and even XP as long as they could. At the end of July, Microsoft began rolling out its free upgrades to the latest Windows 10 operating system to users that qualified or consumers could purchase the software if they did not qualify for the free update. The company touted a huge number of systems upgraded but many consumers are still waiting (myself included) for their update to finally be approved. But should consumers actually apply the updates as soon as they get them? There are a number of reasons why you may want to wait to upgrade to Windows 10, at least for a while. Continue reading