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How to Manage or Remove the Windows 10 Start Menu Tiles

If you have used Windows 10 at all, you probably noticed that Microsoft added back a start menu system but it looks a bit different than Windows 7. This is because the company integrated the Live Tiles introduced in Windows 8.1 into the start menu area. In fact, it kind of replaces the old programs list. This makes it a bit more challenging as it can take up a large portion of the screen and make it more difficult to find applications you want to use.

Don’t worry, the start menu is fully customizable with Windows 10 including the Live Tile area. My video will tell you how to manage the start menu and the Live Tile functions. This includes adding and removing tiles, organizing them into groups and turning off the Live features. In addition, it is also possible to completely remove the Live Tile area so that it functions more like the traditional start menu from Windows 7.

How To Fix An Inaccessible Smart Response Technology Cache

SRT Cache Inaccessible

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Drive Showing SRT Cache Not Working

Intel’s Smart Response Technology is a a great feature that is available for Intel based computers that run the Z68, Z77 and Z87 chipset based motherboards and a few of the newer Q77/87 and H77/87 based systems. The feature allows a small solid state drive to act as a cache for the hard drive making frequently accessed programs, data and booting of the system much faster than a standard hard drive. I personally have been using the feature since its introduction and did a . For the most part, it is extremely easy to setup and works with almost no problems. When it does encounter a problem though, it can be tricky to get it fixed and working again. Continue reading