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Are You Allergic to Your Gadgets?

Photo by James Heilman, MD CC BY-SA 3.0

Photo by James Heilman, MD

Last year, a story broke about apparently caused from exposure to a nickel. due to the report of rashes forming on the wrists of users of the device. In the past, we almost never heard of such problems with technology probably because it wasn’t so portable or we didn’t handle it as much as we do now. Are these sort of incidents going to become more common and can consumers do something about this? Continue reading

Google Opening Up Glass Explorer Program To More People

Google GlassApril 15th is typically known as Tax Day in the US because everyone’s income taxes are due for the past year. For many people, they happen to get a refund from the government from tax breaks or overpaying their taxes over the past year. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a sizable return, you might consider taking that money and looking at using it to get a pair of Google Glass. Google is to expand their Glass Explorer program beginning at 9am Pacific on the April 15th. Of course, the entry price is still $1500 which is far more expensive than your typical designer glasses and even high end smartphones.

While Google Glass is an independent device based on the Android operating system, much of the functionality of it relies on constant network access. It only features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity which means that when you are outside of a Wi-Fi network, many of the features will be limited unless you tether it to a smartphone. That doesn’t mean that you can’t record video or take pictures with Google Glass and then upload or share them later when you are connected.

Interested parties should be warned that this is still technically a beta product and not a final release. This is why they are not opening sales up to the general public beyond this specific date. There is also no mention about how many units they may have available but it is likely that they will sell out of units fairly quickly.