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Are You Allergic to Your Gadgets?

Photo by James Heilman, MD CC BY-SA 3.0

Photo by James Heilman, MD

Last year, a story broke about apparently caused from exposure to a nickel. due to the report of rashes forming on the wrists of users of the device. In the past, we almost never heard of such problems with technology probably because it wasn’t so portable or we didn’t handle it as much as we do now. Are these sort of incidents going to become more common and can consumers do something about this? Continue reading

Pebble Adds Color With New Pebble Time Watches

Pebble Time Steel SmartwatchSmartwatches are one of the big items right now for many companies. The problem is that they have not really caught on with consumers. Much of this has to do with the cost and short battery life. Pebble was one of the first companies to produce a smartwatch and is seen as an outsider compared to may of the big name brands but they are actually one of the more successful companies because their watch works with both Android and iOS smartphones. The one drawback has been the display of the watch is just black and white. That is set to change with the new Pebble Time which has turned into one of the . So what is so exciting about this over all the other recently announced smartwatches? Continue reading