Student Advantage Brings Office 365 For Free

Microsoft Office 365Happen to be a current college student? Beginning this December, you may become eligible to get Office 365 ProPlus for free through Microsoft’s new program. Essentially, if your college currently licenses Office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional Plus from Microsoft, the students that attend the college will also receive access to the services. This isn’t a huge savings over the current $2.50/month that validated students can pay to receive access to the program but any savings can help.

So why is Microsoft likely taking this action? According to their press release, it is to ensure that students have the skills that are demanded in the marketplace. Since they make so little money on students already and those same students have access to other free office software suites, they are probably doing this to increase the number of students who will use the software instead of the alternatives and thus try to improve sales for the services and software in the corporate marketplace.