Amazon Instant Video App Adds AirPlay Support

Amazon Instant Video v2.1

Screen Grab From Amazon Instant Video v2.1 on iPad

Not that long ago I wrote a long series of articles about streaming video. In my streaming devices article, I talked about some of the devices that could be used for streaming including Apple TV. One of the problems noted with it was that it did not support Amazon’s Instant Video streaming. Technically, the device still does not support it directly but now there is a way to get that content to your Apple TV by using the AirPlay feature in the .

Note: Currently the weblink to the iTunes store above still lists the Amazon Instant Video version 1.4.3 and not 2.1 which was released today. The application is available for both iPhone or iPad via the iTunes App Store.

Using your iPad or iPhone, you can select a video for streaming from the Amazon Instant Video to the device and then have the iOS device stream that to your Apple TV. It isn’t the most elegant of solutions as you have to use two devices rather than one with the additional Wi-Fi traffic over your wireless network but it helps patch up a significant gap in the systems capabilities.

Instant Video IMDb Integration

Amazon instant Video v2.1 IMDb Integration

Additional features that were added to the Instant Video App include IMDB integration that includes ratings, cast information, trivia and quotes from the TV or movie. Amazon customer reviews information as well as listings of other programs from Amazon customers who watched the program are also displayed.
Instant Video Reviews and Also Watched Lists

Amazon Instant Video Reviews and Also Watched Lists