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Z170 Chipset is the Real Reason to Be Excited About Intel’s New Processors

ASUS Z170 MotherboardsDo you remember a couple months ago when Intel released the Broadwell or 5th generation Core i desktop processors? They were pretty forgettable because they did not really offer any improvements over the previous 4th generation processor. Now Intel has finally released the Skylake or 6th generation processors just two months later and desktop PCs have finally become interesting again. Much of this is not because of the processors themselves but because of what the Z170 chipset brings along with the new CPUs. Find out why it might finally be worth upgrading a desktop PC after many years of waiting. Continue reading

SATA Express and M.2 – Two New Interfaces For Improved SSD Performance

SATA Express Connectors on an ASUS Motherboard

SATA Express Connectors on an ASUS Motherboard

Solid state drives have been great when it comes to boosting the overall performance of computers. While processors continue to get faster, most people just can’t see the difference between those from a couple years ago and today when it comes to their usage. Take a computer with a hard drive and a SSD and compare the two and the difference is quite tangible. While SSDs have brought a lot of performance, they have run into a wall when it comes to speed in today’s desktop computer systems. Effectively, they have reached the limits of what the SATA 3.0 standard can provide. This month, Intel is releasing its latest 90 series chipsets for their processors and with them will be coming the ability to use two new storage technologies, M.2 and SATA Express, that should alleviate those speed problems. Continue reading