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Amazon Prime Free Trial and Gifting

Amazon LogoAmazon Prime is known as a service for providing free shipping on select products, borrowing ebooks for Kindle and streaming select titles through Amazon Instant Video at no cost. The service typically costs $79/year which equates to about $6.60 per month which can quickly be achieve from using just a couple of the offered services.

Amazon is doing two things with their Prime service this holiday season. The first is that they are offering a of the service. This is great for anyone that happens to be shopping for holiday gifts as you can sign up for the trial, do your shopping and use it for entertainment and then cancel it if you don’t find it useful before the trial ends. The second option is they are also allowing consumers to to another person. This is a great complimentary present to anyone that may also be receiving a Kindle Fire HDX tablet as a present.

New Kindle Paperwhite – A Great e-Reader Gets A Bit Better

Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader

Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader

These days most people don’t tend to think about e-readers because of the rise of the multifunction capable tablets. Sure, tablets are great for their ability to be used for watching video, playing games and communication but there are still cases where a dedicated e-reader is certainly going to offer a better experience than a tablet can. In terms of e-reader recognition, Amazon’s Kindle is probably the best known and their class leading Kindle Paperwhite that was released last year but the company did update it just recently but didn’t do the huge announcements like they did for their Kindle Fire HDX. So what exactly has changed in this new 2013 version and why might you want this over a full blown tablet? Continue reading