Building a PC but Need Help Selecting Parts?

Desktop PartsI’m a huge advocate of building your own desktop computer rather than buying one. This is especially true for anyone that is thinking of using a PC for gaming as most gaming specific desktops are highly overpriced for what you are getting. I’ve even published my book to try and help people looking to build their first computer system. A whole section of that book is dedicated to what the parts you will need to get are and some suggestions on what to look for. Even with that, many people still struggle to figure out what parts to use.

Readers can now send me a request for a customized list of parts to be matched to their budget and desires for a desktop build. They can do this by filling out this form on my request page. All you need to do is provide me with some information about what you want from your computer and I will research a list of parts and email that to you. So if you are looking for advice on building your machine, give it a try!

Note: All my lists are generated based on US pricing and availability. As a result, what I recommend may not be available in your region or within your budget. Please keep this in mind when making any requests.

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