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Building a computer system from parts is one of the most satisfying projects that one can do. Not only does it help you learn about how the various components work it can also be informative if you ever need to repair that computer in the future. While building a system is not hard, picking out what parts you should use can be an extremely difficult task because of the sheer number of options out there.

If you want help on picking the parts out to build a computer, I am here to help. Using the form below, you can request a customized parts list for your computer be emailed to you. By providing me some basic information, I can then pick out what parts I think would make the best system to meet your needs.

Before you fill out this form, I want to be upfront and state that I do not charge for this service. You can support my efforts though. The list you receive will include options for buying the parts through online retailers that I have affiliates with. My preferred retailers are Amazon and NewEgg as each carries a broad selection of parts but some may not be available through one or another. If you do end up purchasing the parts from them through the links provided, a fraction of the purchase price will go to supporting me and the Tech For Anyone site.

Finally, as I live in the US, my parts recommendations are based on the pricing and availability in the US. Any links provided in my list would also only be valid for those in the US. If you live outside of the US, I can still provide a basic list but I cannot guarantee availability or pricing where you live.

And do not forget that if you need help putting together the computer, check out my Tech For Anyone: Building Your Own Desktop PC eBook! It contains detailed instructions on each of the steps for installing the various hardware with color photographs and even how to install Windows so you can complete your PC.

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