Why The Apple iPhone 6 Bending Is Not A Big Deal

It has been referred to as Bend Gate with all sorts of media coverage about the iPhone 6 bending. There are many flaws with the coverage that is essentially making a fairly minor situation into a much bigger problem than it really is. For instance, the bending issue appears to really be with the iPhone 6 Plus, not the iPhone 6. If you have not seen the video, here is what Unbox Therapy released that caused much of the media frenzy.

The intention that was set out from the start was to see if he could bend the iPhone 6 Plus. This is not what most people are going to encounter in their day to day use with such a device. In addition, he found a weak spot and then put additional pressure on it to get as much bend as he possibly could. This is intentional destruction not a simulation of someone actually putting it in their pocket and sitting down which would be the most likely reason for such a bend to even occur.

The end result was the iPhone 6 Plus did bend to a significant angle. It should be noted that it still continued to work and the glass did not break. This isn’t a real world usage example though. Let’s face it, the iPhone 6 Plus is a phablet and is not practical to put in a front pocket and most people would pull it out of their pocket once they realize the pressure of the phone digging into them. Besides, similar bending issues has in the past. These things are not designed to be indestructible.

Apple responded by letting some journalists into its testing labs to show how they tested the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Below is the video of this released from Re/Code:

So, should you be concerned that if you happen to get an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus that the phone will be bent out of shape? Not unless you are intentionally putting it into a situation that you think the phone will be stressed as hard enough to cause it to bend. If so, you probably are going to be getting a rigid or durable case to use with your phone anyways.

And media, maybe you need to start reporting about the failures of the iPhone 6 to withstand being or shot with a . But then again, not many people will have to deal with these problems in real life either.

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